Member Pricing

If you are with an SAIS member school, please ensure you have a login account at the main SAIS website so that your school's membership status is recognized for discounted pricing.


Member Pricing Not Selectable?

If you are unable to click on a member-priced option, please try the following:

After logging in that way, member pricing should be selectable as long as your school is an SAIS member school. Reach out to us if you have any questions.


Background Info about Member Pricing

The new SAIS Career Center was launched in March 2022. After an extensive search for a robust job board, we chose SmartJobBoard. We hope you'll find it an easy to use platform and we are delighted that employers can now easily delete, edit and manage their job posts. 

While we were able to offer free job posts in our homemade system of the past, we found it necessary to introduce a modest price ($50) to help cover the significant annual cost for a robust, easy to use career center platform.