SEE Learning Team Lead (Full-Time), Middle School/Academy-Wide

  • Woodward Academy
  • College Park, GA, USA
  • Mar 27, 2024
Full time Department Head Teacher

Job Description

Woodward Academy is Atlanta at its very best. We intentionally bring together students from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, to create a richer learning community and exceptional academic opportunities. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has consistently ranked Woodward a top large workplace in metro Atlanta, with special recognition by the AJC for “Best Benefits” for employees.

The Full-Time SEE Learning Team Lead embodies social, emotional and ethical competencies while supporting the SEE Learning Team and fostering a compassionate learning environment academy-wide. As a key member of Woodward's Academy-wide SEE Learning Professional Learning Community, the Lead plays a pivotal role to advance the school's vision and mission and institution-wide implementation of SEE Learning.
The Full-Time SEE Learning Team Lead reports directly to the Director of Character Education & Ron M Brill Chair for Ethical Leadership, and the Middle School Principal, ensuring alignment with academy-wide goals and engaging regularly with faculty, students, and the SEE Professional Learning Community (PLC).
Specific Duties Include:
Regular meetings with the Director of Character Education and Ron M Brill Chair for Ethical Leadership serve as the primary means of coordinating SEE Team schedules, class visits, and routine check-ins. Under the Chair’s direction, the Lead offers courses and SEE Learning professional growth workshops; fosters buy-in and open communication with stakeholders, and models SEE Learning competencies. Additionally, the Lead deepens expertise in SEE Learning and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives, closely collaborating with faculty across all five schools and working in tandem with other members of the SEE Learning Team.
The Full Time SEE Learning Team Lead will support the faculty and staff to promote the following: 
  • Culture & Climate: Develop a compassionate learning environment for all community members.
    • Champions the work to establish SEE Learning Routines academy-wide in alignment with the Woodward Way
    • Personally models SEE Learning Competencies for all community members
    • Facilitates Professional Learning Workshops along with the SEE Learning Facilitation Team
    • Co-leads communication on SEE Learning implementation, encouraging stakeholder feedback
  • Explicit Instruction: Facilitate SEE Learning experiences with a focus on attentional awareness & resilience skills 
    • Leads SEE Learning Courses under the direction of the school Principal
    • Schedules regular SEE Learning team meetings with the school teams and (1-1) key faculty
    • Leads efforts to continuously improve the implementation of schoolwide SEL.
  • Integration & Infusion: Provide support and resources to integrate SEE Learning into academic disciplines
    • Supports developmentally appropriate SEE Learning and CRM Skills in all discipline areas in conjunction with school administration, department chairs, lead faculty, and counselors
    • Supports implementation of SEE Learning by modeling lessons, supporting and coaching faculty
    • Monitors progress toward schoolwide SEE Learning implementation including advisory, new employee orientation, folio assessment, curriculum integration, and may include content development and curriculum alignment
  • Adult Practice: Modeling and practicing SEE Learning including empathy, attention awareness & resilience skills
    • Attends and supports facilitation at the Annual SEE Learning Retreat
    • Engages in ongoing SEE Learning Professional Learning Opportunities
    • Exhibits deep expertise in SEE Learning as a practitioner, educator and faculty coach
    • Willingness to engage in a personal social, emotional and ethical well-being practice to support the development of academy communities of practice
    • Exhibits and integrates Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging knowledge and best practices
Academy-Wide Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Attends all SEE Professional Learning Community meetings with SEE teams from all five schools
  • Supports SEE Learning alignment with Portrait of a Learner, ATLAS, DEIB, Service Learning Initiatives
  • Facilitates Professional Learning Opportunities at STL in ATL and other Academy Wide Offerings
  • Supports onboarding New Faculty through Mentor-Intern Program
  • Supports alignment with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team by attending quarterly meetings
  • Supports alignment with Marketing and Communications, Academy Wide Wellbeing Initiatives-HR, Development and Alumni Initiatives
  • Builds Awareness of SEE Learning through parent programming and Institute for Civic and Ethical Engagement

Required Skills:
  • Passionate about promoting social and emotional learning as an essential part of every child’s education
  • A confident and compassionate leader who actively builds relationships with colleagues and student
  • A highly organized, big-picture thinker who is eager to move schoolwide SEL forward collaboratively
  • Ability to earn the trust and respect of peers
  • Oriented towards critical inquiry and deepening expertise
Minimum Qualifications:

The SEE Learning Team Lead, Middle School/Academy-wide position is an exempt, salaried, ten-month position. Salary is commensurate with education and experience. The benefits are substantial.