Head of School

  • Hickory Valley Christian School
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Sep 12, 2023
Full time Head of School

Job Description

Hickory Valley Christian School

Head of School Job Description


Position Title: Head of School



Reports To: School Board of Directors





Hickory Valley Christian School, a SAIS accredited, non-denominational K3- 5th grade elementary school in Chattanooga, TN, is seeking a Head of School for the 2024-2025 school year. The Head of School is responsible for leading the mission and executing the strategic plan of Hickory Valley Christian School. The Head of School will work diligently to create a strong Christian school identity and culture that inspires our students towards a deeper walk with Jesus Christ, builds a high-quality, preparatory academic foundation and creates opportunities to develop the whole child through additional extra-curricular activities. The Head of School will also lead, manage, and oversee all staff, faculty, operations and activities to ensure the policies established by the Board of Directors are accomplished in every aspect of the school.




•  Dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and active involvement in a local church • Master’s degree in education, Educational Administration/Leadership, or other educational discipline; Previous Christian school administration experience preferred

•  Minimum of 3-5 years Christian school teaching experience preferred

•  Experience with school accreditation processes and procedures preferred

•  A servant-leader whose conduct exemplifies Biblical principles, personal integrity and professionalism

•  Strong written and verbal communicator

•  Exemplifies a willingness and passion for working effectively and productively with teachers, students, and their parents in all programs offered by the school. • An ability and willingness to deal with issues proactively, which includes excellent interpersonal skills to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

•  An openness to receive feedback on issues that will facilitate growth and achievement of the school

•  A commitment to model and promote life-long learning in themselves and in the lives of the faculty, staff, and students




Job Function & Responsibilities


•      Lead and Supervise all Aspects of School Operations

•      Foster a strong relationship between HVCS & Hickory Valley Christian Church (HVCC)

•      Select and Approve Appropriate Curriculum

•      Management of personnel

•      Facilitate Policy Making by the Board of Directors

•      Inform Board of Directors about School Operations

•      Oversee Coordination of School Communications

•      Maintains Compliance with Federal and State laws, and Board Policies, Rules, and Regulations regarding School Administration


Management of Personnel: The Head of School is responsible for the management of all personnel, either directly or through subordinates. In overseeing personnel, the Headmaster shall:

•      Develop Criteria and Process for Hiring and Retaining Administration and Faculty

•      Oversee the Orientation and Training of Faculty and Staff

•      Evaluate Faculty and Staff Needs

•      Recommend the Establishment and Funding of new Faculty and Staff Positions as Necessary

•      Supervise Direct Reports

•      Develop Evaluation Criteria and Process for Staff and Faculty

•      Oversee Evaluations of Staff and Faculty


Recruiting & Admissions: The Head of School is responsible for overseeing all recruiting and admissions activities, although it is expected that much of the specific work associated with these responsibilities will be delegated. The Head of School shall:

•      Develop Criteria for Admissions

•      Supervise the Admissions Functions

•      Oversee Development of Enrollment Data and Projections

•      Develop Strategies to Ensure Attainment of Recruiting Goals

•      Develop Orientation for New Students and Parents


Communications: The Head of School is responsible for the coordination and implementation of internal communication fostering collaboration, education, learning, and HVCS Values. The Head of School is responsible for the coordination of positive external communication to attract students and benefactors. The Head of School shall: Coordinate all Internal and External School Communication including Community Relations/Networking.

•      Promote Positive Relationships and Communications Among Board, Faculty,

Staff, and Parents

•      Support School Activities

•      Support Fundraising Efforts

•      Develop and Implement a Process to Ensure Timely Responses to Faculty, Staff, and parents.


School Board Relations: The Head of School will inform the Board of Directors of all relevant activities of the school and communicate Board initiatives to Faculty and staff.

The Head of School shall:

•      Attend all Board meetings.

•      Submit a Monthly Report to the Board on the State of the School, its

Achievements and Challenges

•      Proactively Inform the Board of Issues Affecting School that may Require Board Action or Board Education

•      Implement Board/School Policies

•      Recommend Development or Modification of Policies as Needed

•      Participate in Development and Implementation of Strategic Plan with Board


To learn more please visit http://www.hvcs.org/about/employment

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, resume and a minimum of 3

references including personal, professional, and Christian background to