Music Teacher, Middle School, Part Time

  • St. Benedict's Episcopal School
  • Smyrna, GA, USA
  • May 18, 2023
Part time Teacher

Job Description

Music Teacher, Grades 4 - 8

FLSA Classification:            Exempt

Position Type:                      10-month Staff, Part-Time 20 hours

Reports to:                             Academic Chair



The Music Teacher for grades 4-8 is responsible for teaching beginning to intermediate

music to various grade levels with a wind instrument. Through teaching they will develop in

each student an interest in and the ability to read music, overall music theory, understand the

fundamentals of playing an instrument, play expressively and musically, and be prepared to

perform as part of a group or individually.  They will expose students to music through guest

musicians and providing a platform for them to perform both inside and outside of school.



·       Travel to student’s classroom to instruct an average of 20 students

·       Teach on a beginning to intermediate level

·       Instructor will be provided a set of standards, however, may be flexible with those standards.  Will be responsible for planning lessons and the curriculum.

·       Select music, edit individual parts as needed to modify to the student’s levels, and transcribe entire pieces of music for each instrument of each group.

·       Teach the proper fundamentals of playing a wind instrument.  Includes correct use of air, body position, embouchure (the correct way to form the lips and mouth unique to each instrument), hand and finger technique and position, and proper sound concept.

·       Proper care and assembly of the instrument. Proper upkeep and recommending any repairs.

·       Reading music. This includes how to read rhythms, identify the correct pitches, and then apply the correct fingerings on their instruments.

·       Teach students to play expressively and musically.  During class help students overcome any physical obstacles that might be in the way of their playing.  This may include, but are not limited to, arm or neck pain, and small hands. Overcome issues through instruction and by recommending equipment such as a neck strap, thumb rest, or new mouthpiece.

·       Student progress needs to be identified, acknowledged, and reinforced to keep them motivated to continue, doing this through sectionals and ensuring each section is see once per week.

·       During the week, the music teacher provides students with extra instruction and rehearsal during tutorials or any time period where class in in progress.  Must work with Academic Chair for schedules.

·       Coordinate with Middle School Chaplain to arrange music for weekly chapels.

·       Provide exposure to guest artists and clinicians.

·       Provides outside of school opportunities for the students to excel.  This is done through special concerts at St. Benedict’s, giving students opportunities for solo and chamber performance (must acquire the services of a local piano accompanist, coordinating the schedule, rehearsals and coachings, outside of school hours).

·       Work with GMEA for students to attent solo and ensemble festival, district honor band, and all-state band.

·       Help students obtain their instruments through coordination with a local music company having representative come to school for an “instrument zoo” or open house/rental event.

·       Anticipate and prepare for ordering extra supplies that may be needed, such as mouthpiece cushions, ligatures, mouthpieces, neck straps, and swabs.

·       Plan the music portion of MS Fall Festival (fall), Holiday Activities (winter), and Stingerpalooza (spring)

·       Offer MS Music Clubs during the school day (once a week)

·       Understand that additional MS duties (lunch/recess duty, carpool duty, etc.) are part of full-time teacher duties

·       Supports and strengths the learning capabilities of each student

·       Positive management of the learning environment

·       Maintain a healthy learning environment for the students in both the classroom as well as instruction; Instruct students in citizenship and employ classroom management strategies in order to maintain a calm, inviting atmosphere in which to learn

·       Monitor and manage students’ behavior, including appropriate enforcement of student behavior rules

·       Follow state law and professional practices consistent with school policies in working with students, students’ records, parents and colleagues

·       Maintain a professional demeanor in dealings with parents and students

·       Provide adequate information, plans and materials for substitute teachers

·       Maintain accurate, complete and appropriate records and files

·       Demonstrate accurate, up-to-date knowledge of content

·       Attend and participate in faculty meetings and other assigned meetings and activities according to school policy

·       Show support and high esteem for School at all times

·       Complying with conditions as stated in employee agreement and handbook

·       Modeling appropriate behavior in speech and actions

·       Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration




·       Bachelor’s degree in Music

·       Demonstrable knowledge of music curriculum and the ability to implement it

·       Two years’ teaching experience, preferably in an independent school setting

  • Confident in leading a classroom of students
  • Ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Must work well individually and as part of a small team
  • Working knowledge of Google Classroom and Google documents
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, as well as verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to interact collaboratively with parents, students and administration

·       Superior time management skills and the ability to consistently meet deadlines and be flexible

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time while instructing; excellent hearing abilities; physical ability to transport students from one area of a building/campus to another; physical ability to move into different learning spaces
  • Ability to lift 20-25 pounds multiple times a day
  • All duties and responsibilities are essential job functions and requirements and are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. To perform this job successfully, the incumbent(s) will possess the skills, aptitudes, and abilities to perform each duty proficiently.  The requirements listed in this document are the minimum levels of knowledge, skills, or abilities.