Middle and Upper School Band and Jazz Band Teacher

  • Greensboro Day School
  • Greensboro,NC
  • May 12, 2023
Full time Teacher

Job Description


Upper School Director


Exempt Position, 10-Month Position (paid over 12 months)


Greensboro Day School seeks an experienced middle and upper school teacher for a full-time Band and Jazz Band Teacher position for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Greensboro Day School teachers are mission focused, human-centered and experts of their craft. They are responsible for supporting the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of their students and facilitating a classroom community of respect, responsibility, kindness & integrity.

GDS teachers are lifelong learners, field experts, and most of all, champions of children. They design and develop effective learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate, engaging, and guided by evidence-based practices and cognitive research.

The music teacher enables students to develop and express their musical creativity, think critically, work cooperatively in groups, and appreciate music of different genres and cultures. The teacher is responsible for the development and delivery of lessons consistent with the music curriculum for students in the middle and upper schools. This includes developmentally appropriate activities that support participation, cooperation, and skill acquisition. The music teacher will engage regularly with students and encourage a love of band/jazz band music while promoting students’ growth and development, recognizing the range of abilities and skills students possess.


  • Teach 6 sections of Middle and Upper School Band and Jazz Band (one class meets after school)

  • Teach up to 2 academic enrichment courses through the Middle School BEAT (Bengal Enrichment and Academic Team) program

  • Teach or co-teach a course during Upper School May Term

  • Develop and maintain developmentally appropriate instrumental/band lessons for students in grades 5 through 12.

  • Teach, demonstrate, and explain basic skills and knowledge related to proper instrument use and care, tone, music literacy, and musical genres through varied activities and by example

  • Establish standards of student behavior to provide a productive environment for music and instrument playing

  • Cultivate in each student an understanding of and appreciation for a wide range of music

  • Maintain subject-area expertise including knowledge of national and local standards and leading-edge pedagogical practices. 

  • Evaluate and track each student’s growth in music skills and knowledge.

  • Plan and implement lessons for 75 minute classes using a variety of methods of instruction and assessment informed by the School’s Mission, Diversity Statement, educational philosophy, best practices, neuroscience, and departmental curriculum and competencies

  • Differentiate teaching in the classroom to maximize every child’s potential

  • Provide a safe, nurturing, caring educational environment in which every student sees the teacher as an accessible advisor in the student’s quest to succeed

  • Ensure appropriate accommodations and modifications are made for the growth and development of students in accordance with the Student Accommodations policy in the GDS Family Handbook

  • Collaborate regularly with colleagues to ensure curricular alignment 

  • Develop and regularly update the curriculum framework and syllabi in collaboration with the Associate Head of School for People and Program, division director(s), department chair, and department colleagues on an annual basis and during the curriculum review cycle

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for and commitment by actively seeking meaningful community connections for experiential learning opportunities within and outside the classroom

  • Integrate appropriate technology or other effective resources if applicable to enhance the teaching and learning experience

  • Communicate with and respond to parents’ questions and concerns in an effective and timely manner through a variety of means (email, telephone, in-person meetings)

  • Participate in the Professional Growth and Development Program focusing on Planning and Preparation, Instruction, Classroom Environment, and Professional Responsibilities (Danielson Framework) as outlined in the Employee Handbook.


  • Plan, organize, and chaperone band-related field trips throughout the school year, including NCAIS Honors and/or Western Regional Band events

  • Plan, organize, and lead Middle and Upper School band concerts and the rehearsals for these concerts

  • Contribute to the life of the school through the completion of assigned duties and attendance at school events (examples include lunch supervision, extra academic help for students, carpool, clubs, admission events, advising, activities periods, arts and athletic events, field trips – day and overnight, assemblies, and bus duty)

  • Serve as a role model through active participation in professional development & growth

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.


GDS Cultural Competencies
(All Employees)

GDS Employee Skills
(All Employees)

  • Human-Centered

  • Data-Informed

  • Empathetic

  • Collaborative

  • Professionalism

  • Technologically Fluent

  • Adaptable & Growth Mindset

  • Inclusive

  • Productive conflict resolution

  • Integrity

  • Welcoming

  • Respectful

  • Listens to Understand

  • Relationship-Focused

  • Student-Centered

  • Field Expertise

  • Coachable

  • Lifelong Learner

  • Kind


Teacher Competencies

  • Kid Champion

  • Chief modeler of of respect, responsibility, kindness & integrity

  • Intellectually Curious

  • Lover of learning for self and students

  • Curriculum expert 

  • Culturally competent

  • Proactive & Effective Communicator

  • Reflective 

  • Responsive 

  • Patient

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree or higher preferred

  • Successful teaching experience (minimum two years preferred)

  • Understanding of child development

  • Engaging, dynamic, variable pedagogy

Working Conditions

Daily work requires supervising students both indoors and outdoors.  Faculty are required to participate in regular safety drills, learn CPR, learn how to apply a tourniquet, provide basic first aid, administer epi-pens when needed, and be able to support other student-specific health-related needs. Some weekend, evening, or early morning work may be required from time to time.

Physical Requirements

All teachers must be able to provide adequate supervision indoors and outdoors, and they must be able to ensure the safety of students during drills and emergencies that may arise from time to time. The position may require prolonged periods of sitting at a desk, standing to teach, and working on a computer. Teachers must be able to lift up to 15 pounds. Teachers must also be able to traverse the classroom and adjust one's tone and height, by bending or leaning, in order to teach each child.

Direct Reports

There are no direct reports for classroom teachers.