Fine Arts Production Manager

  • Greensboro Day School
  • Greensboro, NC
  • May 12, 2023
Full time Teacher

Job Description


Associate Head of School for People & Program


Exempt Position, 10-Month Position (paid over 12 months)


Greensboro Day School seeks an experienced production manager for a full-time Fine Arts Production Manager position for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Greensboro Day School teachers are mission focused, human-centered and experts of their craft. They are responsible for supporting the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of their students and facilitating a classroom community of respect, responsibility, kindness & integrity.

GDS teachers are lifelong learners, field experts, and most of all, champions of children. They design and develop effective learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate, engaging, and guided by evidence-based practices and cognitive research.

The Fine Arts Production Manager assists the Drama Director, Musical Director, and Theatre Technical Director in their work with students to put on theatrical productions at the school. The Fine Arts Production Manager manages the scheduling of and assists in the production of shows, performances, and general facility use, including external rentals, in the Davison Center for the Arts.


  • Assist the Drama Director and Theatre Technical Director in the management of the Fine Arts physical plant

  • Maintain calendars, agendas, and other documents for all Fine Arts activities and events

  • Manage theatre financial transactions and assist other theatre staff and production directors in budget management

  • Manage internal requests for availability and booking of spaces in the Davison Center for the Arts for GDS events

  • Act as a liaison with the auxiliaries team regarding availability and booking of spaces in the Davison Center for the Arts for external rental events

  • Act as a liaison with the Facilities Department on set-up needs for Fine Arts events and all events scheduled in the Davison Center for the Arts

  • Serve as the representative of the Fine Arts Department at the Logistics Team meetings 

  • Oversee stage management for theatrical performances and the training and management of student stage managers, including student club time and afterschool meetings and rehearsals

  • Assist in the training and management of the technical crew, including student club time and afterschool meetings and rehearsals

  • Assist directors of all theatrical performances and the Theatre Technical Director with scheduling, organization, and design as needed

  • Oversee all online and in-person ticketing for the theatre

  • Communicate with and respond to requests for facility use and to parents’ questions and concerns in an effective and timely manner through a variety of means (email, telephone, in-person meetings)

  • Participate in the Professional Growth and Development Program focusing on Planning and Preparation, Instruction, Classroom Environment, and Professional Responsibilities (Danielson Framework) as outlined in the Employee Handbook.


  • Teach up to 2 sections of middle school drama classes

  • (if teaching) Plan and implement lessons for 75 minute classes using a variety of methods of instruction and assessment informed by the School’s Mission, Diversity Statement, educational philosophy, best practices, neuroscience, and departmental curriculum and competencies

  • Meet regularly with the theatre team to coordinate schedules, space use, and responsibilities

  • Assist in communication to the wider school community regarding performances and other events in the Davison Center for the Arts

  • Serve as a role model through active participation in professional development & growth

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.

GDS Cultural Competencies
(All Employees)

GDS Employee Skills
(All Employees)

  • Human-Centered

  • Data-Informed

  • Empathetic

  • Collaborative

  • Professionalism

  • Technologically Fluent

  • Adaptable & Growth Mindset

  • Inclusive

  • Productive conflict resolution

  • Integrity

  • Welcoming

  • Respectful

  • Listens to Understand

  • Relationship-Focused

  • Student-Centered

  • Field Expertise

  • Coachable

  • Lifelong Learner

  • Kind


Teacher Competencies

  • Kid Champion

  • Chief modeler of of respect, responsibility, kindness & integrity

  • Intellectually Curious

  • Lover of learning for self and students

  • Curriculum expert 

  • Culturally competent

  • Proactive & Effective Communicator

  • Reflective 

  • Responsive 

  • Patient


Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree required (degree in a theatre-related field preferred); Master’s Degree or higher preferred

  • Production manager experience (minimum two years preferred)

  • Successful teaching experience (minimum two years preferred)

  • A strong commitment to the educational value of artistic performances

  • Secondary skills experience in directing, costumes, sets, props, sound, lights, choreography, makeup, and/or puppetry preferred

Working Conditions

Daily work requires supervising students both indoors and outdoors.  Faculty are required to participate in regular safety drills, learn CPR, learn how to apply a tourniquet, provide basic first aid, administer epi-pens when needed, and be able to support other student-specific health-related needs. Some weekend, evening, or early morning work may be required. 

Physical Requirements

All teachers must be able to provide adequate supervision indoors and outdoors, and they must be able to ensure the safety of students during drills and emergencies that may arise from time to time. The position may require prolonged periods of sitting at a desk, standing to teach, and working on a computer. Teachers must be able to lift up to 15 pounds. Teachers must also be able to traverse the classroom and adjust one's tone and height, by bending or leaning, in order to teach each child. The production manager position requires lifting, climbing, pulling, and the ability to wear and hear with a headset.

Direct Reports

There are no direct reports for this position.