Middle School Principal

  • Prince Avenue Christian School
  • Bogart, Georgia, USA
  • Mar 03, 2023
Full time Division Director/Head Other

Job Description

Prince Avenue Christian School                                                                    

Position Description                                                                              




Job Title:            Middle School Principal

Supervisor:         Head of School                   

Scope of Work:  40 – 50 hours/week not including cocurricular activities and after hour meetings and   functions as directed by the head of school



The middle school principal reports directly to the head of school and is accountable for the day-to-day leadership, operations, and welfare of the school’s sixth through eighth grade students, faculty, and staff.  The primary responsibilities of the middle school principal include: executing the head of school’s vision for the school’s continued advancement; hiring, evaluating, and retaining qualified and effective faculty and staff; leading faculty to improve the quality of academic instruction; meeting or exceeding accreditation standards; discipling and mentoring middle school students; maintaining the accuracy of all student records; executing the middle school budget, and interviewing prospective families for admission.  In addition, the middle school principal works closely with the academic dean, lower and high school principals, and the directors of admissions, fine arts, athletics, development, campus life, and education student support in the day-to-day operations of the middle school.





·         Support the head of school’s vision by leading, developing, and implementing programs to advance the school’s academic, cocurricular, and spiritual programs.

·         Advise the head of school on student, faculty, and staff related matters.

·         Participate in the recruitment, employment, assignment, promotion, and non-renewal of faculty and staff contracts.

·         Team with other members of the administrative leadership team to plan the school calendar and execute special events including spiritual retreats, open houses, and class trips.

·         Coordinate and oversee student government elections and mentor student government leaders, and assist in coordinating student council activities, including regular meetings and off campus events.

·         Attend morning devotions and student chapel services and serve in a supporting role for both.

·         Notify the director of development of cultivation candidates in support of the head of school’s advancement objectives.

·         Actively participate in professional enrichment to keep abreast of developments in the field of education.



·         Assist in the planning and execution of teacher orientation and professional development programs.

·         Manage and conduct annual written performance evaluations on all middle school faculty and staff members, and establish individual performance improvement programs when needed.

·         Lead faculty meetings and develop and maintain an effective administration and faculty communication plan.

·         Assign and manage all faculty collateral duties, and coordinate with the director of finance to ensure compensated collateral duties are within budget thresholds.   

·         Team with the academic dean to ensure teacher ACSI certifications are maintained in accordance with accreditation guidelines.

·         Team with the director of Education Student Support (ESS) to assist ESS and faculty communication and attend ESS parent/faculty meetings as appropriate.

·         Coordinate and oversee the faculty class sponsors to organize sixth through eighth grade class activities and trip week.

·         Manage and coordinate the efforts of the faculty advisor for National Junior Honor Society.

·         Make recommendations for revisions to the Family School Handbook.

·         Team with the super substitute coordinator to recruit, lead, manage, and retain a qualified substitute teacher pool.



·         Coordinate with the admissions director and review all prospective student applications, transcripts, and test scores, and provide recommendations to the head of school for student acceptance/non-acceptance.

·         Coordinate with the admissions director on admissions testing and campus tours, and team with the middle school administrative assistant to schedule prospective parent/student interviews.

·         Coordinate with the lower and high school principals when families are submitting applications for multiple children of different ages. 


Curriculum Development and Instructional Program 

·         Provide an instructional program consistent with PACS’s Vision, Mission, and Ends Statements, Christian philosophy, goals, and objectives.

·         Assess and supervise the updating of teachers’ curriculum maps and guides, syllabi, FACTS SIS entries, and web-based curriculum content.

·         Oversee the scheduling of middle school classes, and oversee the day-to-day operations of the middle school’s academic program.

·         Support the academic team faculty advisor and sustain the academic team program.


Student Life

·         Oversee student discipline, adjudicate category one and two issues, and provide recommendations to the head of school on category three disciplinary violations.

·         Communicate student discipline issues to faculty and staff as appropriate.


Student Records Management and Testing

·         Ensure the integrity of academic, attendance, and disciplinary records is maintained.

·         Research, classify, and record all student, faculty, and staff daily attendance records.

·         Collaborate with the school’s testing coordinator to schedule, plan, and manage all standardized testing programs (excluding admissions).



·         Oversee planning and organizing of the middle school master schedule.

·         Coordinate with faculty to obtain recommendations for student placement in honors classes and meet with students/parents as appropriate.



·         Interpret testing results for students, teachers, and parents.

·         Serve as a ministry agent of Prince Avenue Christian School and make referrals, as needed, to pastors or specialists in the community for students and faculty/staff.



·         Provide the director of finance zero based budget input when requested.

·         Oversee the day-to-day execution of the middle school budget.

·         Participate in fund-raising for the school as directed by the head of school.


Public Relations

·         Present the school and its programs in a positive manner to the community.

·         Attend academic and cocurricular events outside traditional school hours with regular frequency.

·         Attend parent/teacher conferences as needed.

·         Team with other members of the administrative staff in conducting open houses.

·         Foster effective home/school communication by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss pupil progress and other matters of mutual concern.






·         Must be a committed Christian who is active in an evangelical church ministry and agree with PACS’s Statement of Faith and Christian Life Commitment.



·         Possess a track record of providing superb leadership and management in a secondary school environment for a period of not less than five years.

·         Possess excellent interpersonal spoken and written communication skills, to include the ability to tactfully resolve conflict situations calmly and objectively.

·         Demonstrate the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and to rapidly reprioritize objectives based upon changing requirements.



·      Graduate degree (Ed.S./M.S./M.A.) in School Administration, Education Leadership, or equivalent.

·      Association of Christian School International (ACSI) certification is a plus.

In order to be considered for this position, a completed employment application is required. The application can be found on our website at www.princeave.org. Email the completed resume to employment@princeave.org.