Preschool Assistant Teacher Job Description (Junior Kindergarten)

  • Greensboro Day School
  • Greensboro, NC, USA
  • Jan 12, 2023
Full time Teacher Other

Job Description


Preschool Director


 Non-Exempt, 10 Month Position


Greensboro Day School seeks an experienced preschool assistant teacher for a full-time position in Junior Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Greensboro Day School teachers are responsible for the physical, social, and emotional well-being of students. Greensboro Day School Early Childhood Assistant Teachers are responsible for supporting Early Childhood Homeroom Teachers in providing students with developmentally appropriate, engaging learning experiences. Assistant Teachers model lifelong learning by pursuing relevant professional development and participating in professional development provided on campus. 


Support lead teachers in:

  1. Planning and preparation

  • Demonstrate general knowledge of content and structure of the discipline in the design of lessons

  • Employ general knowledge about child and adolescent development and content-appropriate pedagogy

  • Collaborate regularly with colleagues to ensure curricular alignment and consistent delivery of content and assessment

  • Support the planning for diverse learners as outlined by the grade-level team

  • Support the development of lessons that incorporate experiential learning (engaging students in learning by doing)

  • Support the integration of appropriate technology and other effective resources and methods into teaching practices and student learning activities

  • Support the implementation of assessments as directed by the team

  1. Establishing a classroom environment that promotes and sustains learning

  • Provide a safe, nurturing, caring educational environment in which every student sees the teacher as an ally and accessible advisor in the student’s quest to succeed

  • Independently manage the classroom with safety and security as the top priorities

  • Model and promote enthusiasm for learning

  • Help students develop habits of self-discipline, personal integrity, individual responsibility, self-advocacy, and pride in their work

  • Establish a climate of respect for others, a commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of learners, and a collaborative approach to learning

  • Create an environment that supports the ongoing development of social-emotional, ethical, and interpersonal skills

  • Demonstrate effective classroom management with regard to procedures, student behavior, and organization of physical space

  • Assume responsibility for student discipline in collaboration with the lead classroom teacher and/or direct supervisor

  1. Attending thoughtfully and skillfully to instructional practices

  • Demonstrate effective use of the teaching/learning cycle when conducting lessons

  • Communicate effectively and purposefully with students

  • Seek to engage all students as active learners

  • Support an array of teaching methods conducted within classrooms

  • Monitor and adjust lessons in response to student progress

  • Regularly seek out student feedback

  • Regularly seek out collegial feedback through observation and conversation

Demonstrate a high level of professionalism with regard to the practice of teaching.

  • Model active, lifelong learning through professional development, reflection, and self-evaluation

  • Collaborate with and seek feedback from GDS faculty, administrators, and other educators and experts

  • Attend department, division, and full faculty meetings as needed

  • Participate in department, division, and full faculty professional development as requested

  • Follow school policies including, but not limited to reporting harassment, social media use, expressing grievances, safety and security, and dress code.

Job responsibilities in all the areas above can include but are not limited to helping teach lessons, making copies, filing paperwork, walking students to and from classes, providing supervision during class/lunch/breaks/recess, or assisting students.


  • Participate in the Professional Growth and Development Program focusing on Planning and Preparation, Instruction, Classroom Environment, and Professional Responsibilities (Danielson Framework) as outlined in the Employee Handbook

  • Contribute to the life of the school through the completion of assigned duties and attendance at school events (examples include lunch supervision, extra academic help for students, carpool, clubs, admission events, advising, activities periods, arts and athletic events, field trips – day/overnight, assemblies, budget review and preparation, and bus duty)

  • Assist Admissions in screening current and prospective students as needed

  • Other duties as assigned by the Head of School.


GDS Cultural Competencies - All Employees

Human Centered

Data Informed




Technological Fluency

Adaptable & Growth Mindset


Productive conflict and resolution


GDS Employee Skills - All Employees




Listens to Understand



Field Expertise


Lifelong Learner



GDS Teacher Competencies

Kid Champion

Effective Communicator


Position Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Successful teaching experience (minimum two years preferred)

Understanding of child development

Engaging, dynamic, variable pedagogy

Experiential learning practitioner


Working Conditions

Daily work requires supervising students both indoors and outdoors.  Faculty are required to participate in regular safety drills, learn CPR, learn how to apply a tourniquet, provide basic first aid, administer epi-pens when needed, and be able to support other student-specific health-related needs. Some weekend, evening, or early morning work may be required from time to time.


Physical Requirements

Teachers of young children must be able to assist them in toileting, hand washing, nose-blowing, etc.  They must be able to move quickly and frequently from standing to sitting with ease, lift up to 50 pounds, and sit on small chairs and the floor. All teachers must be able to provide adequate supervision indoors and outdoors, and they must be able to ensure the safety of students during drills and emergencies that may arise from time to time. Exposure to loud sounds and high noise levels on a weekly basis.

Direct Reports

There are no direct reports for assistant teachers.