• Marietta, GA, USA
  • Jan 05, 2023
Full time Head of School

Job Description

Job Title:         Head of School

Position Type: Administration, Exempt, Full-time

Reports To:     GRACEPOINT Board of Trustees

Start Date:       On or before July 1, 2023


Interested and qualified candidates are invited to email the following credentials to headsearch@gracepointschool.org.


Candidates should submit the following materials as separate PDF documents:

•     A cover letter expressing interest in this leadership position

•     A current résumé

•     A list of five professional references with name, relationship, phone number, and email address of each (references will not be contacted without the candidate’s permission)



The mission of GRACEPOINT School is to equip dyslexic students with the skills needed to develop into independent and confident learners, through sequential, systematic, and multisensory instruction.  Our goal is to instill in each child a lifelong desire for growing in wisdom and gaining knowledge of the Lord so that each may fulfill God's purposes and bring glory to Him.


Position Overview

The Head of School is the only employee of the Board Trustees of GRACEPOINT and will steward the school by overseeing the academic community, continuing the vision, mission, and operating policies of the school, managing daily operations, supervising faculty and staff, and fostering community among staff, teachers, and families. The Head of School leads the school in collaboration with the leadership team. The Head of School performs and/or directs all other duties as, from time to time, may be assigned by the Board.


Spiritual Qualifications

•                Public profession of belief in Jesus Christ and a lifestyle that reflects maturity and intimacy with God

•                An authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as evidenced by a strong, clear personal testimony

•                In agreement with the school’s “Statement of Faith”

•                Approachable, humble, and self-effacing

•                Steeped in moral purpose, moral clarity, moral conviction, and integrity, is a supremely ethical person

•                Servant-leader whose conduct exemplifies Biblical principles, especially the fruit of the spirit, and love as exhibited in 1 Corinthians 13

•                A genuine excitement and passion for Christian leadership

•                A desire to support and encourage faculty and staff in their choice to educate young people with dyslexia


Professional Qualifications

•                Master’s degree in educational administration/supervision or equivalent is preferable

•                Experience in educational administration, ministry, or Christian leadership

•                Experience in school administration is desirable, but not required

•                Demonstrated supervisory leadership

•                Training and/or a background in working with dyslexic students is highly desirable

•                Teaching experience is preferred and a minimum of three years of experience in educational administration required


Personal and General Qualifications

•                Ability to create a team environment and to lead effectively in that environment

•                Ability to mentor other leaders, build teams, and create a supportive work environment

•                An inclusive decision-maker when confronted with challenging issues and concerns

•                Enthusiasm for, appreciation of, and commitment to the school’s mission

•                Proven strength in interpersonal skills and human resource management

•                Ability to meet people easily and cordially; comfortable with people representing diverse backgrounds

•                A professional demeanor with an ability to develop appropriate relationships with parents, staff, and community

•                A healthy level of self-confidence combined with Biblical humility

•                Ability to think strategically and to analyze complex situations

•                Ability to solve problems by engaging appropriate parties in the development and implementation of solutions

•                Ability to extend beyond philosophy and theory to implement practical application

•                Strong communication skills (verbal and written)

•                Willingness and ability to learn quickly as needed

•                Possess emotional and social intelligence

•                Understands and appreciates children and youth



Core Competencies

I.      Overall Responsibilities

a.      Promotes the vision and mission of the school

b.     Supportive of a Christian Education for dyslexic learners

c.      Being approachable, accessible, and compassionate with the ability to bring school and community together in a partnership

d.     Manages and oversees school fiscal and human resources

e.      Effectively involves staff, parents, and students in implementing a safe, nurturing and responsive school climate

f.      Maintains beneficial relationships with the larger community

g.     Provides calm leadership representing a positive presence

h.     Maintain and support the policies and procedures that are already in place

i.       Maintain a culture of “excellence and grace”

j.       Oversight on needs of the school program – plant, facilities, equipment, and supplies

II.    Relationship with Board

a.      Has a harmonious working relationship with the board

b.     Supports board policy and decisions

c.      Executes the intent of board policy

d.     Keeps the board informed on issues, needs, and operation of the school system

e.      Supports board policy and action to the public and staff

f.      Accepts responsibility as the liaison between the board and personnel, working toward a high degree of understanding and respect between staff and board

g.     Attends all board meetings and is a member of the board’s finance committee and other committees as needed

h.     Provides a quarterly Head of School report for review with the board

III.   Relationship with Students

a.      Develops positive, approachable rapport with students

b.     Model virtue, Christ dependency, and spiritual growth to students

IV.    Relationship with Parents

a.      Actively supports the biblical role of parents in the education of their children

b.     Encourages parents and school patrons to take part in school programs and activities

c.      Is available for parent conferences

d.     Is involved in community life and affairs

e.      Solicits and gives attention to problems and opinions of all groups and individuals

f.      Listens and makes families feel valued and heard

V.      Instructional Leadership

a.      Implements the school’s philosophy of education

b.     Works with other Administrators in studying and maintaining the program and curriculum in line with our commitment to dyslexic education.

c.      Promotes the utilization of the abilities and talents of the entire professional staff and lay people of the school community

d.     Attends appropriate meetings and feels obligation to promote success of such meetings

VI.    Faculty-Staff Relations

a.      Performs as professional leader for the staff

b.     Develops and executes sound personnel procedures and practices including recruitment, screening, and hiring staff

c.      Inspires others to highest professional standards

d.     Helps resolve staff and faculty conflict

VII.  Professional and Personal

a.      Maintains high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters

b.     Is flexible and adjusts easily to new situations and tasks

c.      Is patient in dealing with people

VIII.  Spiritual Leadership

a.      Maintains an intentional personal Bible study

b.     Actively participates in a local church as a member

c.      Is considered spiritual leader of the school

d.     Leads the faculty and staff to grow spiritually

e.      Leads in maintaining doctrinal integrity of the school



•       Full Time Position

•       Compensation: Commensurate with Experience



GRACEPOINT School is an equal opportunity employer and is required by law to perform background checks on selected qualified candidates. All employees of GRACEPOINT School must agree to carry out their responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with GRACEPOINT School’s Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, Employee Handbook, and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Biblical standards.


The above job description is meant to describe the general nature and level of work being performed; it is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required for the position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform other job- related duties requested by their supervisor in compliance with Federal and State Laws.


Qualifications and Requirements are representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills and/or abilities. To perform this job successfully, the employee must possess the abilities or aptitudes to perform each duty proficiently. Continued employment remains on an “at-will” basis.



How it all began...


The first seed of GRACEPOINT was planted in 2012 when 2 mothers, Molly Holm and Angie Strack both found themselves searching for the best school to serve their dyslexic sons.  As overwhelming as starting a school seemed at the time, with the leadership of Brenda Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Georgia Educational Training Agency, the doors of GRACEPOINT opened just 6 months later with a mere 4 students.  GRACEPOINT is in its 10th year serving 130 students in grades 1-8.  Ms. Holm serves as a board member and Ms. Strack as Director of Middle School and Morphology.


Our location...


GRACEPOINT opened its doors in August of 2012 holding classes at Riverstone Church in Kennesaw.  After four years of steady growth, GRACEPOINT outgrew the space and accepted a generous offer from Piedmont Church to occupy a stand-alone building on their campus in exchange for renovating the building.  This building has served GRACEPOINT well since 2016, allowing enrollment to increase to 134 students.  Now at capacity,  GRACEPOINT looks forward to its Next Chapter. In April of 2022, GRACEPOINT purchased the MUST Ministries located at 1407 Cobb Parkway and will renovate the building with a plan to begin school at the new facility in January 2024.


Our Beliefs..


GRACEPOINT welcomes families from all faith traditions, believing that God has given each of us talents and abilities to use for His glory.



·         All students, given the right opportunities and techniques, can be successful learners.

·         All students can develop their talents and leadership qualities while learning.

·         Our students will progress by incorporating a multi-sensory approach to learning and being prescriptive in planning for each individual student.

·         In being open to the power of the Holy Spirit as we instruct our students in truth and love.

·         Our students will be more than able after completing the program to transition back into public/private educational opportunities.


Our Statement of Faith...


At GRACEPOINT we are dedicated to educating dyslexic students in a Christ-centered environment. We will work to develop each student's God-given spiritual, physical, and mental gifts to the fullest.  With God's grace, we are committed to loving and glorifying God in everything we do.  We believe that there is one God who is eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ, God's one and only son, is our Lord and Savior.  We believe the Bible to be the authoritative Word of God.


What We Have Achieved...


·         GRACEPOINT is accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Agency, SAIS and AdvancedEd.

·         GRACEPOINT’s instructional program is 1 of only 19 in the nation to be accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham.

·         GRACEPOINT’s enrollment has grown from 4 students to 130 students since 2012.

·         GRACEPOINT offers a challenging curriculum in all academic areas for our students.

·         GRACEPOINT works with families to assist with outplacement and support when a student is ready to transition to a larger and more traditional educational setting.


Our Leadership...


The founding board was led by the Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Reading, Brenda Fitzgerald.  The current board chair is Bob Strickland, and Angie Strack serves as Acting Head of School.