Head Football Coach

  • University School of Jackson (Jackson, TN)
  • Jackson, TN, USA
  • Jan 05, 2023
Full time Athletics

Job Description

University School of Jackson is currently accepting applications for a Head Football Coach. This position is a full-time, twelve-month appointment which may include teaching responsibilities. USJ is a College Preparatory School. The ideal candidate will have previous playing and head coaching experience.


They must embrace the philosophies and rules of TSSAA and USJ. Athletic programs at USJ are an integral part of the total educational program, and as such, contribute to the stated objectives of the school – the promotion of integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility and excellence.  More specifically, participation in interscholastic athletics promotes the development and maintenance of sound physical and mental health, desirable social and recreational needs, lasting personal relationships, and a positive self-image.  In addition, athletics provide an avenue for common experiences to be shared by student’s faculty parents, board members, alumni, staff and friends, which help build school loyalty and unity. USJ teams and coaches will strive for excellence in performance but always (a) abide by established rules of play and conduct as established by the TSSAA and other entities having jurisdiction and (b) meet or exceed recognized standards of sportsmanship and fair play. Candidates will be responsible for the administration and management of all aspects of a highly successful and competitive football program.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

●      Full-time faculty/teaching commensurate with qualifications

●      Provide overall leadership for the USJ football program and perform all services thereof as scheduled and/or directed by the USJ Athletic Director.

●      Present for approval to the USJ Athletic Director a schedule for practices, scrimmages, training sessions and any other activities necessary to field a competitive team for the USJ sport program.

●      Responsible for the use, care, storage and inventory of all USJ athletic equipment necessary for practice and game/matches conducted by the sport program.

●      Field/facility maintenance and preparation.

●      Proactively ensure the proper use, care, cleaning and maintenance of all USJ facilities utilized by the sport program for practices and game/matches.

●      Adhere to all rules, regulations and policies as mandated by the TSSAA and USJ Athletic Handbook.

●      Promote the sport with students, alumni, and members of the community.

●      Provide oversight of all hiring and supervision of JV/Middle School head coaches and assistant coaches with USJ Athletic Director’s approval.

●      Adhere to the polices, regulations and directives of the USJ Athletic Department as defined by the USJ Athletic Director.

●      Supervise, motivate, nurture, teach and lead all student athletes for both on-campus and off-campus athletic activities.

●      Contribute toward a culture of cooperation and collaboration with all USJ head coaches of any sport and staff members involved in USJ athletics.

●      Encourage student athletes to participate in multiple sports. The Coach shall ensure that all subordinate coaches share and communicate the same philosophy.

●      Hold an annual orientation for student athletes and their parents/guardians prior to the beginning of each sport season.

●      Provide up-to-date scores and statistics to local media and USJ athletic department for social media posting.

●      Adhere to all rules and policies of USJ Athletics listed in the USJ Athletic Handbook.

●      Coordinate and collaborate with the USJ Strength and Conditioning Coach to develop and implement safe and sanctioned strength and conditioning training programs (“Strength Training”) for all levels of the USJ sport program.

●      Establish and manage a reputable, organized off-season program in compliance with TSSAA rules and regulations, designed to improve teamwork, competency, skills and competitiveness.

●      Provide leadership/assistance for USJ summer league football teams.

●      Provide oversight and responsibility of the budget which includes staff, equipment and supplies.

●      Perform other duties and tasks as assigned by the Head of School, Athletic Director, and/or Division Director.



●      Prior coaching experience and knowledge of the sport, rules and TSSAA regulations.

●      Strong leadership skills with a commitment to athletic excellence within an academic environment.

●      Ability to effectively communicate with and serve all groups within USJ, including administration, parents and students.

●      Must present a professional image at all times.

●      Must be able to maintain confidentiality information.

●      Maintain a current state of Tennessee driver’s license.

●      Complete background check and successfully pass drug screening prior to starting.

●      Bachelor’s Degree

All interested qualified candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and professional references to Becky Baskin at bbaskin@usjbruins.org.