Assistant Head of School for Academics

  • Trinity Episcopal School
  • Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Nov 14, 2022
Full time Assistant Head

Job Description

Trinity Episcopal School is seeking an Assistant Head of School for Academics. This employee is a member of the Senior Administrative Team and reports directly to the Head of School.  This 12-month, full-time position works closely with the Head to engage, promote, and align the academic and co-curricular areas of the school to meet the school’s mission. This person is responsible for the successful delivery of the K-8 academic program of the school and oversees the work of the academic team (division heads, academic deans, and technology dean) on the day-to-day activities of students and faculty. The AHOS is charged with the management of faculty evaluation and professional development, academic collaborative improvement visits, formal assessment structures and reports, academic data,  and all new faculty and staff orientation and mentorship programs. The Assistant Head of School for Academics  supports the work of the School by promoting the mission, values, and policies of Trinity Episcopal School.

Primary Responsibilities: The Assistant Head of School’s primary responsibilities include the following: 

The educational leader of the school, responsible for all aspects of the academic program including curriculum and instruction, observations,  assessment, differentiation and teacher evaluation. Duties also include:

  • Foster a school climate that is supportive and reflects the mission of the school.

  • Support the development and implementation of operational policies (Family Handbook, Employee Handbook, enrollment,etc.)

  • Serve as an active member of the Senior Leadership Team, DEB Committee and Board Committees as assigned.

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements of government regulations and agencies, and maintain the educational standards established by the state and by those agencies that examine and accredit the school.

  • In consultation with division heads, make recommendations to the Head of School regarding the hiring, retention, evaluation and assignment of faculty.

  • Keep the Head of School informed of the general programs, activities, and problems of the school; visibly present in all areas of the school.

K-8 Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Direct and coordinate all collaborative improvement visits, including the follow-through of recommendations from the visiting team.

  • Maintain and communicate knowledge of current and cutting-edge research in the field of K-8 teaching and learning professional best practices. 

  • Maintain the system of documentation for all K-8 curricula. 

  • Oversee and assist with the coordination of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

K-8 Teaching and Learning

  • Oversee and direct the work of the academic team (division heads, deans, technology dean, learning catalyst) in support of and implementation of the school’s academic program.

  • Direct the work of the school’s learning catalysts in support of differentiation for students with advanced learning needs and those with learning differences.

  • Maintain and communicate the expectations of faculty via the Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning. 

  • Observe, supervise, and help evaluate the faculty in the development and implementation of the curriculum.

  • Provide the academic guidance of students; oversee the grading and the reporting of methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement.

  • Collaborate with the Technology and Innovation Dean to build and coordinate the educational technology program.

  • Consult with teachers in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures.

  • Observe teachers in their classrooms and offer insights for the enhancement of effective instruction. 

  • Oversee and assist teachers in the uniformity in assessment, parent reporting, and academic standards.

  • Conduct regular meetings with faculty that deal with routine school matters while stimulating the exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern.

Professional Development

  • Direct and oversee the orientation program for new faculty, staff, and their mentors.

  • Direct all professional development of faculty, including graduate degrees and programs, conference presentations, and the documentation of CEUs in compliance with the school’s requirements.

  • Ensure collaboration with state public instruction and teacher licensure and support teachers and the school in maintaining these standards.

Other Responsibilities

  • Oversee the school’s accreditation process with SAIS and other appropriate agencies. 

  • Assume responsibility for other projects as assigned by the Head of School.