Academic Dean

  • Bayside Academy
  • Daphne
  • Sep 23, 2022
Full time Academic Dean

Job Description

Position Summary:      The Academic Dean is a member of the Administrative Team, and reports directly to the Head of School. The Academic Dean is charged with comprehensive responsibility for shaping and supervising the academic program of the school in grades PK3-12. for school-wide academic programming. He/she works closely with members of the Student Support Services Team, Division Heads and other Administrators. 


Primary Responsibilities:


  1. To maintain congruency between the school’s mission statement and the academic program and curriculum of the school.
  2. Develop and maintain active, positive, and productive relationships with members of the community.
  3. Adapt management and leadership style to the culture and environment at Bayside Academy and the Eastern Shore of Lower Alabama.
  4. To network with relevant academic administrators at other schools, both public and independent.
  5. Cultivate relationships with external institutions to diversify and expand academic offerings.
  6. Act as the educational leader of the school and ensure curricular and programmatic coherence and consistency across grade levels, divisions and departments.
  7. Ensure academic program strength and continuity focused on growth for both students & faculty
    1. evidence-based measurement tools employed
    2. benchmark academic results with local and regional peer schools
  8. Oversee curriculum and lead faculty and staff in the design, assessment, and development of academic programs & methodology to include;
    1. establishing standards (BASE)
    2. curriculum design (assessments, homework, resources)
    3. cross-discipline teaching
    4. facilitating vertical and horizontal curriculum integration
    5. differentiation (intervention and gifted instruction)
    6. progress monitoring
    7. student engagement and relevance  
  9. Review all proposed changes to the curriculum and suggest recommendations for correcting curricular overlaps/gaps, and provide updates on a yearly basis.
  10. Act as primary contact for enrolled students and parents regarding all academic issues, academic eligibility concerns, student recognition, opportunities, challenges and discipline.
  11. To ensure that the curriculum is published and readily accessible for all stakeholders
  12. Lead faculty and staff in the design and implementation of an effective daily schedule.
  13. Lead faculty and staff to integrate technology into the academic program in meaningful ways
    1. includes a school-wide technology integration plan
    2. work closely with Division Heads and Director of IT
  14. Work closely with the Head of US and College Counselors while leading the course selection process.
  15. Collaborate with the Admissions Department to recruit and retain and mission-appropriate students.
  16. Lead budget development and professional development programming.
  17. Act as testing coordinator: AimswebPlus, Pre-ACT, ACT Aspire, ACT, SAT, AP exams, etc.
    1. work closely with registrar and others recruited to assist
    2. review test results & prepare a report, including recommendations, for the Head of School annually  
  18. Act as coordinator of eligibility (AHSAA & NCAA)
    1. work closely with the Dean of Students & Director of College Counseling
  19. Collaborate with Division Heads, Director of Student Support Services to plan for the LP and ACCE program's scope of services and any future growth. 
  20. Work with Division Heads to develop and implement instructional supervision
  21. Work closely with Division Heads and department chairs to schedule grade-level, departmental, and team-based academic meetings including classroom resource reviews on a regular basis.
  22. Lead a collaborative effort with Division Heads on personnel: evaluation, growth plans, etc. 
    1. personnel recommendations (hiring & firing) made to Head of School
    2. includes new faculty orientation program & faculty mentor program
  23. To oversee and direct the activities of the department chairs and to help departments to develop standards appropriate for the school
  24. To ensure compliance with the educational standards established by the State of Alabama and by those agencies that examine and accredit the school
  25. To serve as a consultant to teachers in matter of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures
  26. To assist teachers in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives
  27. To serve as a resource for faculty, recommending workshops, speakers, programs, school observations, etc.
  28. To assure uniformity in assessment, parent communication, and academic standards
  29. To conduct workshops for faculty to keep faculty informed of current trends/research in curriculum and instruction
  30. Participate in the development of the school’s comprehensive calendar and coordination of key functions and events.
  31. Stay current on trends in independent schools and curriculum by taking an active role in professional activities and attending relevant professional meetings and conference.
  32. To support the school and its leadership.
  33. Duties as assigned by the Head of School.