Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Features of Note

For Job Seekers - Noteworthy Features

  •  After performing a search or choosing a refinement option, you can quickly create an alert that will email you with new jobs found that match your criteria.
  • You can save jobs and easily refer back to them when you are ready to finish an application.
  • You can upload your resume so that potential employers can find candidates with matching criteria.


For Employers - Noteworthy Features

  • You can create a branded company profile page that includes your logo, website, school information, images, videos, etc.
  • Your employer dashboard provides tools to manage your jobs, site analytics, school profile and applications from job seekers.
  • You can invite teammates to view and post jobs under your school account.
  • When you post a new job, you can choose to receive applications by email or by an application URL that you supply. 
  • Google job search is automatically integrated with the SAIS career center. Your job posts will be automatically included in Google job search indexes.
  • Future feature: you can subscribe to resume alerts and receive daily, weekly or monthly emails of new job seeker profiles matching your search criteria (coming later this year).


For Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm with a search agency but I'm posting a job on behalf of a member school. How should I do so? 
 Please contact Clay at [email protected] for assistance. 

Q: Can I attach a document to my new job post?
A: While you can insert pictures or videos (by their URL) into job descriptions, you cannot attach a document. We strongly recommend putting the full job description into the box provided which will help potential candidates find your job thanks to job alert features that can match search criteria.

Q: We already have a full job description on our school website. Can I just post the link to our website rather than filling out the job description?
A: While you certainly could do so, we want to urge you to copy/paste the full description into your job post here. Job seekers often have automatic alerts configured to notify them of new jobs that match their search criteria, and quite often those important keywords can only be found in the full job description. If you simply paste a link to another site as the description, you'll miss attracting potential job seekers. 

Q: If I purchase the multi-jobs package, do I have to submit all jobs at the time of purchase?
A: After purchase, you'll have 180 days to use your job posts before they expire.

Q: Is it okay to include our email address or "click here to apply" link in the job description?
A: While you certainly can do so, we strongly recommend omitting your email and application link from the job description. The system has a separate field for that information and job seekers will see an "APPLY NOW" button on their screen. This in turn will track how often users click to apply for the job through the SAIS website, which you can see on your dashboard.