Episcopal Collegiate School

Episcopal Collegiate School is an independent college preparatory school serving students in Pre-K through 12th grade. 

Our Mission

Episcopal Collegiate School prepares students to live principled and fulfilling lives of leadership and service through the pursuit of academic and personal excellence in a challenging and supportive environment.

Our Motto

Respect, Reverence, Responsibility

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition and affirming people of all faiths, Episcopal Collegiate strives to develop in its students a respect for all persons, a reverence of God, and a sense of moral responsibility.

Our Guiding Principles

Through a vibrant student body, rich in diversity, students learn to live and honor the School's core values of Respect, Reverence, and Responsibility and are inspired to carry those values beyond the School community into their futures.

Through the pursuit of excellence in academics, fine arts, and athletics, students develop the skills and understandings essential to leadership, service, and success:

  • depth of knowledge in the arts, sciences, and humanities
  • strong skills of analysis and expression
  • critical, creative, and independent thinking
  • intellectual curiosity and joy in learning
  • cultural competencies and global understandings
  • strength of body, mind, and character
  • discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship
  • self-awareness and self-efficacy