Lerner Jewish Community Day School

The Sandra E. Lerner Jewish Community Day School opened in 1995 as the first school of its kind in the Triangle region of North Carolina.  Today, the Lerner School continues to thrive.  It has grown to include a preschool program, Kindergarten through 5th grade classes, and a full array of enrichment programs. 

At the Lerner Elementary School, we are committed to achieving the highest standard of academic excellence, fostering learning of Jewish values, culture and traditions while building a diverse and caring community one mensch at a time.  We practice this each day through:

1.      One child at a time.

2.    Academic excellence. 

3.    Jewish continuity, community and culture. 

4.    Pluralistic, diverse environment. 

5.    Hands-on, integrated learning. 

6.    Community of life-long learners. 

7.    Safe and caring community. 

8.    Social responsibility and ethical thinking. 

These eight core concepts are brought to life through our dual curriculum, which teaches students knowledge and values, in both Judaic and General Studies.  Additionally, students have opportunities each week to learn Hebrew, explore arts, music, & physical education, engage in Mitzvot, and have chances to play, ensuring we are attending to the whole child. 

As of July 2023, the Lerner School became an entity of Jewish for Good, the umbrella organization of the local Jewish community at the Levin JCC.   The Elementary School reports to the Jewish for Good Board of Directors, which has a representative of the Learning Committee on it.