Holy Trinity Classical Christian School

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School is distinctly classical and distinctively Christian. The Word of God teaches that parents are ultimately responsible for raising and educating their children. Therefore parents will be integral parts of the education process in partnership with teachers imparting to the students the biblical, Christian worldview employing the “Trivium” methodology.

  • Established in 2012 and centrally located in the historic town of Beaufort, South Carolina, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School serves over 350 students in grades Pre-K2 through 12th.
  • One of Holy Trinity`s foundational principles is to be accessible and affordable to ANY family that desires a classical, Christian education for their family, regardless of their economic circumstances.

In our traditional classroom, a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher carefully leads students into an understanding of each subject. Classrooms are quiet, orderly, and disciplined. Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Homework is moderate and is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for a lesson. The traditional classroom is consistent with human nature and the experience of many decades has demonstrated its superiority over the modern child-centered classroom.