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The Webb School has a 153-year history of providing challenging academics with an emphasis on personal integrity in a small family-like setting. It is a place where young adults are not just expected to learn— they are encouraged to lead. The Webb School emphasizes independent thinking, creative initiative, personal integrity, and civic responsibility. The end result is stronger, more confident thinkers, makers, and doers prepared for college and ready to take on any challenge.

What Makes Webb different?

Honor and Character

Our emphasis on honor and personal integrity is central to every aspect of school life at Webb. The Honor Code, dating back to the School’s founding, features a pledge signed by every student each year. Elected representatives from the Middle and Upper School serve on the student-led Honor Council.

Emerging Voices Program

Our focus on writing across the curriculum and public speaking is realized in the Emerging Voices Program. Through performing declamations and orations, and presenting original work and senior papers, students throughout the grades gain valuable experience in writing, research, and public presentation.

Global Education

A focus on global education throughout the curriculum gives Webb students knowledge of many cultures and prepares them to live and work in a globally connected world. The diversity of students at Webb, including international students from around the world, promotes increased awareness and understanding of how we are all connected and the challenges we face across regions and nationalities.

Outdoor Program

Webb’s Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (WILD) program offers significant training in outdoor skills and promotes leadership and confidence. On-campus, students navigate a ropes course and practice a variety of outdoor activities. Off-campus trips feature rock climbing, caving, backpacking, kayaking, and rafting.

Personalized Education

You will know every student and teacher at Webb, and they will know you. Our small class sizes and flexible curriculum allow for an education that meets each student’s needs and goals. Advisors, teachers, coaches, and dorm parents monitor each student’s progress and provide the encouragement and support that fosters success.

What We Believe

The Webb School faculty has endorsed the following enduring understandings. These beliefs are the foundation of our curriculum and all that we stand for.

How We Support Our Students

At Webb, our students don’t fall through the cracks. The partnership between the teacher, the parents, and the student is an essential one. There are a multitude of safety nets in place to guarantee our students’ success.

Advisor System

Every student has a faculty advisor who serves as a personal advocate and mentor. Students have scheduled advisory meetings two times per week. They also meet once a week with their advisor for a group activity that focuses on character development. The advisor plays a key role in the student’s experience at Webb and also serves as the liaison between parents and the school.

Extra Help

Each day, teachers are available in their classrooms to help students for a 45 minute class period called Extra Help. This time is built into our students’ schedules, and they quickly learn to take advantage of it. In addition, Upper School students are selected to be peer mentors to Middle School students who may need additional help during their Extra Help period.

Learning Center

The Study Center is a scheduled class for all 9th graders and new 10th-12th graders which provides study skills instruction, as well as a closely monitored study space to complete homework. The goals of the Study Center are to support the learning and educational development of every Webb student through collaborative effort and research-based teaching and learning and to help all students acquire strong learning and advocacy skills for college and beyond. The Academic Support program also is for students with diagnosed learning differences. Our trained and dedicated staff provide direct instruction in reading, time management, study skills, composition, and testing accommodations. The program offers structure, attention, test preparation, daily review, resources to acquire audiobooks, appropriate testing spaces, academic monitoring, organizational instruction, and direct intervention for learning differences.

Sixth Grade Focus

Sixth graders participate in a Focus class three days a
week; in which they utilize tools in a variety of disciplines including technology, writing skills, reading comprehension, library skills, and organizational study skills. Students also extract, contemplate, and discuss the Honor Code through applications as they read four novels in the classroom.

Test Prep

Webb monitors standardized test preparation for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors as they prepare to take the PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT through the use of the Method Test Prep Khan Academy. All students receive a free Method Test Prep account. This online suite of SAT and ACT preparation materials provides 25 hours of self-paced instruction in each test.

Our Mission

“To turn out young people who are tireless workers, and
who know how to work effectively; who are accurate scholars; who know the finer points of morals and practice them in their daily living; who are always courteous.”

— William R. “Sawney” Webb Founder of The Webb School