Carmel School


The Carmel School prepares students for success in our ever-changing world by creating a community supportive of academic, physical, and spiritual growth to instill honor and integrity rooted in Christian values.

Philosophy & Objectives

The Carmel School is an independent, college preparatory, PreK-12 coeducational school in Ruther Glen, Virginia.  The school strives to develop a well-balanced student by maintaining a commitment to Christian values. Students are challenged not only to grow academically but also physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially on their way to becoming responsible citizens. 
Active participation in school programs provides students with opportunities for leadership and service, which equips them with the skills necessary for success in a democratic society and our ever-changing world. Through a coordinated effort, students are taught that honor and integrity are paramount during their education. These values are evident and continually reinforced through our Honor Code.
The faculty and staff of The Carmel School continually look for ways to improve the school’s overall curriculum through research, planning, and self-study. The pursuit of excellence modeled by the faculty and staff leads to the development of well-rounded students. The faculty and staff are confident that the students are being prepared to meet future challenges with determination and responsibility as a result of the skills acquired while at The Carmel School.

Core Values

  • To foster a safe environment and create a community built on the Christian tradition.
  • To esteem personal honor and integrity as an integral part of all school programs.
  • To treat every member of the school community and beyond with respect and dignity.
  • To instill a commitment to a lifelong pursuit of excellence.
  • To embrace the diversity in our community.
  • To partner with one another to be responsible citizens.