Louisville Classical Academy

Louisville Classical Academy (LCA) is a K-8, coeducational private school that provides motivated students with a rigorous foundation of knowledge, solid critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and outstanding rhetoric abilities. We welcome students and families of every faith and philosophy. This diversity develops mutual respect, fosters unique friendships and community, and enriches our exploration of the world. The classical in our name traces its meaning to the ancient Greek development of two interconnected sets of principles that we strive to cultivate: Shared Inquiry and Habits of Mind.

LCA is built upon a nonsectarian, classical liberal arts curriculum using the timeless tools of Latin, mathematics, enduring literature, and music to develop intellectual characteristics that enhance learning in the sciences, history, and art. Class sizes are small by design, fostering a spirit of cooperation and allowing teachers to give students the attention they deserve. Common tables, rather than desks, help facilitate respectful dialogue about students’ questions and ideas. LCA graduates are prepared for success in the nation’s most challenging colleges and for a life of mindful purpose.