Greensboro Montessori School

Greensboro Montessori School is a 47-year-old independent school located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are accredited by the American Montessori Society, the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and Cognia (formerly AdvancEd). With a fantastic group of 60+ faculty and staff, supportive and engaged families, a clear long-range plan, a 37-acre satellite campus, a $4.1M operating budget with a strong financial portfolio, a fantastic board of trustees, and a clear COVID-19 strategy, our School is thriving.

As a Montessori school serving students from toddler through ninth grade, our faculty and staff’s mission is to both “nurture and challenge” our 260 students – knowing when to push, when to support, and when to watch. We seek joyful, hard-working, student-centered, and compassionate educators with the right blend of subject-matter expertise and alignment with our core school values of grace and courtesy – someone who takes pride in helping and serving others.

Our School is a great place to be for students and adults, alike. If you are a committed and passionate education professional who loves helping students unleash their full potential, we want to meet you. To apply for any of our open positions, please email your cover letter and résumé to Heather Goggin, human resources consultant, at

Jun 21, 2022
Full time
Greensboro Montessori School Greensboro, NC, USA
Do you love helping students become their best person, to navigate potential obstacles, and to unleash their full potential? When you see students struggle, do you also see in them their power, potential, and capabilities? Their limitless capacity? At Greensboro Montessori School, we believe in empowering students to be independent and responsible learners. We believe all children can do great things. And, we know that some students require a little extra help to be at their best.   This is when our Student Support Center (SSC) steps in. This team currently comprises two full-time team employees (a director and a school counselor) and two part-time employees (one focuses on early childhood and one focuses on reading interventions). They partner with classroom teachers throughout the School to support students with any learning, social-emotional, or developmental challenges; they run diagnostic tests and academic assessments; they do one-on-one interventions; they serve as...